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Frequently Asked Questions



● What can I do if my FlyNova light strip comes off?

We have strict quality inspection while production and before shipping. If your FlyNova have quality problems, you can send photos to email so that we check the details and work the solution for you. Please contact the right affiliate bought from.
PS: Please read the instructions before use and charge the FlyNova.Please do not disassemble by yourself. There is a notice on sort of damages. 

● I received my FlyNova but I can’t turn it on even if charging it.

- Please read the instructions before use and charge. You can also email us for details.

● I don't think this product is worth the price because it's so plastic.

- In order to make it fly more easily, we chose this new material.
In addition, FlyNova is designed to be fun and safe, especially for kids. We can avoid the damage caused by heavy objects hitting.
It is worth mentioning that this material is not the plastic material in our general concept, in fact, it is a recyclable, new environmental protection material, can reduce the pressure on the environment.

● The paint has come off the surface of my FlyNova after a few time practising.

- It takes a few practice to play your FlyNova proficiently, so it's hard to avoid the problem of multiple falls that cause wear and tear. We will make improvements in future products.

● I'm worried the FlyNova might hurt my kids.

- We designed FlyNova to be fun and safe, especially for kids. The enclosed wheel design is aerodynamic and protects your hands while spinning it up and performing tricks. Catching it mid-air or on the go is easy and 100% safe.

Do not fling the Flynova! Damages by throwing are noticable and cannot be replaced. Read the instructions before use. 

● Are both models durable and safe? 

The flynova's are made of high quality Polypropylene and shockproof designed. Inside the drone there is a hard drive with an AI sensor that prevents collisions.

Also do understand that throwing will cause damage to the flynova, read the instructions before use.

Safety is our first priority… Right after fun.

The Flynova Pro features an aerodynamic enclosed wheel design that gives it that smooth flight when you’re performing tricks. And keeps your hands 100% when you launch or catch the Flynova Pro.

The flynova team put its design to rigorous testing to make sure it’s safe for children and adults to use. So you can rest assured your hands will be protected at all times as you work on mastering all those new tricks. No matter at what age you play.

● What is the battery life of the Flynova pro? 

The specific battery life of Flynova Pro is depending on the specific scenarios. The spinner can be used for 10 à 15 min continual use and can get lesser if combined with the magic wand. Also the battery capacity can get affected due to weather conditions such as heavy wind. 

● What does the magic wand do?

The Flynova Pro offers a unique addition to the 1st generation Flynova – the “magic” controller. With its infrared sensor and target-seeking magnet, the controller lets you unlock a new level of tricks and hours more fun. All with just the press of a button. Get greater precision and flare for your old tricks by using the controller as a launch pad. Or unfurl a whole list of new moves. Send your Flynova Pro flying sky high – up to 49 feet – then reel it back in for the catch using the controller’s magnet attraction system. And with three different colored lights, you can light up the sky with any color you choose. All from your magic controller.

● Is the magic wand necessary? 

 The Flynova Pro 360° can be perfectly controlled without the magic wand. Just throw is at 30° and it will boomerang. Or just play witch your friends while throwing at each other in challenging ways.

● How long does the shipping takes? 

 The shipping depends on the country your order from. It mostly takes 1-3 weeks but have in mind that the shipping may delay due to the covid-19/ weather circumstances/ holiday seasons.

After shipping you can track your product with the tracking-link.

Please understand that the order cannot be canceled once shipped! 

● What about shipping costs and returns? 

We offer FREE shipping worldwide, with tracking number. Returns are accepted within 30 days after you receive your order. The shipping cost must be paid by the customer returning.

We offer a 1-year limited warranty.